Code of Conduct of Land Owners and Persons

Receiving Property Use Permission

  • Whenever you are approached by a law enforcement officer be courteous, answer his legitimate questions, and when asked display your appropriate permission slip.
  • Totally avoid as great a distance as possible any livestock grazing in the area even though you have permission slips in those specific areas.
  • Never create litter of any kind, be it in your camp, on other people’s property or on the road. Consider this your living room and keep it super clean.
  • Always eliminate litter created by others whenever possible, by constantly removing the debris of less thoughtful persons, this area can be beautiful.
  • NEVER, NEVER intentionally destroy any live plants or animals.
  • Avoid the Pacific Crest Trail even though the trail may cross through property you have permission on which to ride.
  • Do not ride on or near residential property, property under cultivation, or property posted with signs forbidding trespass as stated in section 602.2 of the Cal. Penal Code.
  • Do not cut fences.
  • When you come upon others, hikers, campers, horseback riders, or riders, SLOW DOWN and show courtesy and respect.
  • Do not interfere with wind generating equipment.
  • Camp only where you have been given permission to camp.
  • Do not hesitate in calling for assistance of the Kern County Sheriff’s Office in case of emergency. The sheriff is there to serve, as well as enforce.
  • Do not reproduce permission slips. The appropriate authorization grantor must originally sign each permission slip.

If we all abide by this CODE OF CONDUCT we should be able to continue to enjoy this area for many years if not generations.

This Code of Conduct was submitted to ORV WATCH KERN COUNTY by a member of the off-road community.

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